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of Salisbury, has not ▓yet been determined. The knightl●y duty was laid down with exactness, though● probably few carried out all the wholesome▓ rules in their entirety.“They m●ust learn from the beginning to labour, run, car●ry weight

A subtle thought may yet give rise to fruitful inquiry that can establish truths ofgreat value.

s, and bear the sun and dust; ▓to use sparing and rustic fo▓od, sometimes to live in the open air ▓and sometimes in tents; then to pra●ctise the use of arms.” The “true merit of a ▓knight is correctly stated by t▓he Troubadour Arnaud de Marveil.” It i●s “to fight well, to conduc●t a tr

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oop well, to do his exercise well, to ●be wel

olden c▓o


l armed, to ride his hor●se well, to present hi

llar of SS


mself with a good grac▓e at courts, and to render himself agreeabl●e there.Sel

dom are these qu▓alities in the same person.To uni●te martial habits and vigour with the courte▓ous elegancies of polished life, coul●d not be often accomplished in a half-civi●lised age.” His oath declared his


duty to▓ be “To defend the Church, to attack the perfi●dious, to venerate the priesthood, to repel▓ the injuries of the poor, to● kee

p the country quiet, and to shed his blood▓, and if necessary to lose h●is life, for his brethren.” Bu●t if his duties were grave, his privi